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FREEdom Fitness Virtual Bootcamp

Find BLISSFUL Balance

What is FREEdom Fitness Virtual Bootcamp?

This is a virtual bootcamp & community that works for all levels and all body types. It combines the Foundation Five FREEdom F's in a balanced way to help achieve a happy andhealthy lifestyle. We are so much more than just a bootcamp, we are a community that changes lives and brings a new meaning to being "Fit".

What is included in a 4 week membership?

1. 6 LIVE virtual workouts a week from coach Stef (these are recorded if you can not make the live session). All classes are express and 26 mins each
2.  One monthly challenges (winner gets IBW swag!) 

3. An easy to use health tracker  
4. The FREEdom Fitness community and online group for endless motivation

5. An additional got Abs program

6. A colour coded recipe book
7. Access to Stef as your coach

How can 1 class be for all levels?

We use a scalable approach so that every level of fitness is challenged. We have members who are world level athletes to beginners and all levels are challenged appropriately. Coach Stef provides scalable variations for each exercise to ensure your level is right for you!

What type of class is it?

We use a stimulating way to activate those muscles is through Strength Training mixed with cardio movements. We like to call it sneaky cardio. We will never give you a full cardio based workout, we like to sneak it in there so you are having fun while you are doing it. The workouts are designed to improve strength, coordination, and well-being, this class is guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level. The style we use was adapted by coach Stef and is a hybrid, high intensity mixture of cardio and strength.

How do I sign up?!

Stretching Exercises

Iron Body Works

A Happier You

Results driven keeping a realistic approach in mind. You can have balance and achieve your fitness goals. Experience speaks, let me coach you to your goals!

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